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Interior Design

We offer a full range of interior design services for your remodel and new build projects, both residential and commercial. We guide you through the process of design, from space planning and finish selections through construction drawings and project management. 

Design fees vary by space. Contact us to set up an initial design meeting at which we will do a walkthrough of the space, discuss your wants and needs, and then provide an estimate for our design fee.

Entry Level Design Package

This package is our bare bones design package. We provide the basic design and pass it off to you to complete the project with the help of a contractor. This package includes:

  • Development of design concept

  • Basic floor plans and elevations

  • Material and fixture selections

  • Conceptual drawings and/or sketches to convey design intent

Standard Design Package

This package fits the needs of the majority of clients and includes a detailed design of your project, as well as availability to answer questions from your contractor. This package includes everything included in the entry level design package, plus the following:

  • Further development of design details, such as casework details

  • Greater time investment in material and fixture selections

  • Further detail of floor plans and elevations

  • Additional drawings as needed

  • Specifications

  • Response to requests for information from the contractor

Full Service Design Package

This package is our highest level of service and includes the design of your project, plus oversight of the construction process to ensure that the design intent is brought to life in the execution of the project. This package includes everything included in the entry level and standard design packages, plus the following:

  • Meetings with general contractor or subcontractors as needed

  • Site visits during construction

  • Punch list preparation and oversight

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