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Interior Styling

Often a space can be completely transformed through paint, furniture, and accessories. We guide you through selections of furniture, art, and more to bring life to your space. This a great stand-alone service or as an add-on to an interior design project.

Design fees vary by space. Contact us to set up an initial design meeting at which we will do a walkthrough of the space, discuss your wants and needs, and then provide an estimate for our design fee.

Styling Consultation

Consultations are for those clients who need a little direction for putting  together a cohesive design. We give our suggestions to put you on the right track in making the right selections for your space. This package includes:

  • Overall design concept and material/color palette

  • Floor plan with furniture layout

  • Selection of key pieces of furniture and list of suggested stores to make additional selections

Entry Level Styling Package

This package is our bare bones styling package. We provide the design and pass it off to you to make and manage purchases and complete the installation of the project. This package includes:

  • Dimensioned design drawings required to convey the design intent and instruct installation

  • Purchase list

Full Service Styling Package

This includes the design and installation of your project. This package includes everything included in the entry level styling package, plus the following:

  • Installation coordination, direction, and supervision

  • Purchase management

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